Athletic Recruiting Services:

High School Athletic  and Recruiting Consultants

     Ross Blankenshipan educational expert and college admissions expert, will help you get into top schools and NCAA programs. He provides college recruits with admissions consulting and test prep to help students (and parents) make the best choices - from NCAA compliance issues to ways high school athletes can market themselves to college coaches.   

Ross is the Founder and CEO of Top Test Prep, which provides private tutoring and test preparation for high school and K-12 students.  

We offer comprehensive athletic recruiting services for high school recruits:



Athletic Recruiting Services is a sports athletic recruiting service provided by Top Test Prep.

All information contained on this site is designed to help high school athletes and high school recruits get into top NCAA and NAIA programs.  High school athletes and college sports recruits should contact (800) 501-PREP for more information on NCAA recruiting or private tutoring.

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